The dustbin’s essential purpose is that it helps to keep dirty and decaying waste separate from the rest of the clean surroundings. If you do not put the right waste into the right bin, it may destroy the whole recyclable material. Having a dustbin around the house is an excellent way of enriching the house’s looks. The purpose of the Waste Act is to support sustainable development by promoting the rational use of natural resources, and preventing and combating the hazard and harm to health and the environment arising from wastes.

Throwing garbage all over the place will not only dirty our surroundings and pollute the environment, making it very unhygienic, but also causes bad odours and encourages the infestation of cockroaches, flies and other insects. There are various diseases caused due to poor maintenance of hygienic conditions. A recycling bin (or recycle bin) is a container used to hold recyclables before they are taken to recycling centers. Recycling bins exist in various sizes for use inside and outside homes, offices, and large public facilities. Blue and Green Dustbins are used to segregate two different kinds of wastes, Green one is for wet waste and blue coloured dustbin is for dry waste. In municipalities, Blue coloured bins are used for collecting materials that are recyclable.

Household waste or rubbish is called garbage. Garbage consists of leftover food, fruit, vegetable peels, fallen leaves of potted plants, waste paper, unwanted plastic objects, glass articles, metal objects, old wooden objects, rags, discarded shoes, sewage, etc. Black bin, make up for the third category, which is used for domestic hazardous waste like sanitary napkins, diapers, blades, bandages, CFL, tube light, printer cartridges, broken thermometer, batteries, button cells, expired medicine etc.