A mike is a device that is used to make sounds louder or to record them on a tape recorder. Both mike and mic commonly appear as shortened forms of microphone, but mike is the accepted spelling in most dictionaries. Mike is a person who is caring, loving, protective, kind, stubborn, hardheaded, a good listener, and hilarious. He can make you laugh and want to smack him all at once. He is good in bed, and tends to be on the wild side most days. He is an amazing best friend who would put up with even a crazy person if he considered her a friend. He is someone who will be with you through the good the bad and the bleh. He is and always will be that one person you can turn to when you have a problem. It also explains why The Associated Press Stylebook earlier this year reversed its advice to abbreviate microphone as mike. As the stylebook’s editors told the American Copy Editors Society in April, the A.P.’s broadcast division was unhappy with mike, and so the entry was revised to recommend mic instead. While Michael is most often a masculine name, it is also given to women, such as the actresses Michael Michele and Michael Learned, and Michael Steele, the former bassist for the Bangles.