With a sense of spirituality spreading all across the town and the stunning architecture of the Jain temples reflecting the rich heritage, Sonagiri is a place to spend some quality time in Madhya Pradesh, and to soak in its true essence. Sonagiri has at least a hundred Jain temples, small and big and with excellent architecture, scattered all around the town, all of which are top-rated destinations among Jain monks and devotees.

If you translate Sonagiri to English, it stands for ‘The Mountain of Gold’ or ‘The Golden Peak. But the town of Sonagiri, located 60 kilometres away from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, is neither a mountain nor is it famous for gold. What it is well known for is a rich heritage of Jainism and numerous shrines to speak for its legacy. Sonagiri might not be one of those places which you will find in big bold letters in every itinerary. It is also not a place where you can expect an endless list of attractions. However, Sonagiri is something very special and unique in itself.